Vox No Vox

by the whrd

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released January 27, 2017



all rights reserved


the whrd Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Suit and Tie When I Know my Hoodie Right
keep cool
say please
i got your back
well, if you got MINE
yea yea yea
suit and tied
when i don't know if my hoodie right
my lungs a deep
dark black charcoal
Track Name: No Shelter in May from the Rain
i'll keep calm in the city
i do wrong through the city
i can go where i've been wanting to
it's looking like i know i want to
i can rally
theres this sharp spin on top soft set lines
there's no rumors hiding out there
there's a look in your eyes i know i've guessed
it's not there
there's no shelter in may from the rain
Track Name: See Me Walking These Street with My Old Mask On
see me walking down this block
wearing my old mask
i'm pulled in but free to love
even though the sun wont shine when i am gone
Track Name: Belly Full, Head a Fool
soon naive,
keep up
how soon?
i'm just waiting in this cycle
i'll keep holding on
i can prove my womb
or i can breathe

my belly is full
my head is still foolish
Track Name: Pulling and Pushing Back at the Same Time
this outward and inward
your head its spinning
this procedure
these words they don't define my state of mind
i'm overwhelmed
reaching faster than my fingers can grab
this home
this home is not my heart
and i keep pulling and pushing back at the same time
and i can feel that these words are not mine
all these things they say i know cannot be done
and i hold on if its the only thing i can do
Track Name: KPOP
you been carving out a window
in this new place you call home
working all night at a snails pace
if not the right place
the now place

paint the walls with the bright cat neon
include the floor boards that's what i walk on
side step no room for the bedroom mattress
climb out the window and i am outside

tree finger shaped like God gave me home
dog-lipped shit the coast and sea
dry my eyes try to see
the sea looks just like sky from the inside

here i can breathe
my body goes under
i can hear it go under
Track Name: No Vox (Say You WIll)
i can sing these words out loud
that sentence you or silence you

your eyes they haunt unseen
here i have no voice
say you will
say you will stay

in this room i have no voice
say you will